The Survey for CDM Project of Heat Recovery System at the Sponge Iron Kilns in Orissa, India.

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

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Year Survey name Research Organization Country / region Field
2005 The Survey for CDM Project of Heat Recovery System at the Sponge Iron Kilns in Orissa, India. JP Steel Plantech Co. India Others
2005 Feasibility Study of Joint Implementation project for Recovery and Destruction of HFC23 from Refrigerant Gas Plant in Russia Sumitomo Corporation Russia Others
2005 Talubin River Basin Mini-Hydropower Project in the Philippines Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., LTD Philippines Renewable Energy (Hydropower)
2005 The 30MW Project of Xinjiang Urumqi Tuoli Wind Farm Mizuho Information and Research Institute China Renewable Energy(Wind Power)
2005 Low Income Community Mangrove Reforestation Project in Fiji Taishi Design Office Co. Ltd Fiji LULUCF(Reforestation)
2005 CDM Project Activities in Laos: Eucalyptus Plantations and Use of Biomass Energy Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Laos Biomas Utilisation
2005 Feasibility Study on Rice Based Fuel-Ethanol Production Project in Vietnam Sojitz Research Institute, Ltd. Viet Nam Biomas Utilisation
2005 Promotion of Palm Oil Based Biodiesel Project in Thailand ALMEC Corporation Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2005 Improvement of POME Treatment System at Palm Oil Mills, Malaysia Pacific Consultants International Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2005 Methane and EFB Power Generation Project in Terengganu States, Malaysia EX Corporation Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2005 Feasibility Study on Efficient Methane Recovery and Heat Generation in Palm Oil Mill in Malaysia Sanwa Engineering Co. Ltd Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2005 Utilisation of Biomass at Palm Oil Manufacturing Factories in Sabah, Malaysia Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2005 Indonesia - High Quality Fuelisation of Waste Biomass and its Advanced Utilisation Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Indonesia Biomas Utilisation
2005 Production of Bio-Diesel Fuel from Soybean Oil in Brazil Nippon Mining Research & Technology Co., Ltd. Brazil Biomas Utilisation
2005 Feasibility Study on Effective Using of Methane Gas at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Kiev, Ukraine Shimizu Corporation Ukraine Waste Management
2005 Bantar Gebang LFG Collection & Energy Recovery CDM Project KAJIMA CORPORATION Indonesia Waste Management
2005 Feasibility Study on Jelekong LFG Collection & Energy Recovery CDM Project Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Indonesia Waste Management
2005 Study for Laogang Landfill Gas Utilization and Energy Recovery Project in China Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. China Waste Management
2005 Research for Methane Gas Collection and Energy Utilization at the Coastal Land Disposal Area in Sao Paulo, Brazil  The Japan Research Institute, Limited Brazil Waste Management
2005 Feasibility study for Muribeca Landfill Gas to Energy CDM Project, Brazil KPMG AZSA Sustainability Co., Ltd. Brazil Waste Management