Fundamental study on introduction and application of Geothermal Heat Pump systems to district heating in Irkutsk, Russia

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

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Year Survey name Research Organization Country / region Field
2003 Fundamental study on introduction and application of Geothermal Heat Pump systems to district heating in Irkutsk, Russia Japan Metals and Chemicals Co., Ltd. Russia Others
2003 Study CDM commercialization of Hydrochlorofluorocarbon discharged from semiconductor plant in China Nissho Iwai Research Institute, Ltd. China Others
2003 Wind Power Generation in Hungary including financial study Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Hungary Renewable Energy(Wind Power)
2003 An NGO Participatory Forestation Project in the Philippines The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement - International (OISCA) Philippines LULUCF(Reforestation)
2003 Participatory Reforestation CDM for Land Rehabilitation in Lombok Island, Republic of Indonesia Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center (JIFPRO) Indonesia LULUCF(Reforestation)
2003 CDM project in Mondul Kiri highlands, Cambodia, based on the rubber tree plantation Marubeni Corporation Cambodia LULUCF(Reforestation)
2003 Fuel conversion of the existing heat supply plants from coal to biomass provided through willow afforestation in Republic of Poland The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Poland Biomas Utilisation
2003 Renewable biomass plantation in Toamasina province, Madagascar. Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Madagascar Biomas Utilisation
2003 Reforestation/Afforestation and Biomass Energy Projects in 3 Provinces in Inodnesia Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. Indonesia Biomas Utilisation
2003 Cogeneration Business Utilizing the Bagasse and Rice Husk in Thailand The Kansai Environmental Engineering Center Co., Ltd. Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2003 Research of Biodiesel production project using sunflower as resource crops in Thailand PowwowPool Co., Ltd. Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2003 Effective Usage of Palm Biomass for Value-added Products by CDM EX Corporation Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2003 Brazillian Sugar Industry Waste-to-energy Project Association of International Research Initiatives for Environment Studies (AIRIES) Brazil Biomas Utilisation
2003 Landfill Gas to Electricity Project in Thailand Obayashi Corporation Thailand Waste Management
2003 CH4 Gas Extraction and Utilization from Landfill in Rumania Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. Rumania Waste Management
2003 Landfill gas recovery and gas to power plant project in the Philippines Mitsubishi Securities Co., Ltd. Philippines Waste Management
2003 Landfill methane gas reduction project, utilizing composting technology to solid waste treatment in Malaysia Japan Environmental Consultants, Ltd. Malaysia Waste Management
2003 Utilization of biogas generating from methane fermentation of organic wastes Shimizu Corporation China Waste Management
2003 Reduction of Greenhouse Gas and the Energy Utilization Project by Collection of the Landfill Gas generated at the Stung Mean Chey Disposal Site in Phnom Penh Japan Waste Research Foundation Cambodia Waste Management
2003 Carbon credit from Landfill gas capture and electricity generation in Brazil Toyota Tsusho Corporation Brazil Waste Management