Feasibility Study for Fuel Switch Project from Coal to Natural Gas at Boiler at Khabarovskenergo CHP-1

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

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Year Survey name Research Organization Country / region Field
2004 Feasibility Study for Fuel Switch Project from Coal to Natural Gas at Boiler at Khabarovskenergo CHP-1 Toyota Tsusho Corporation Russia Others
2004 The CDM Feasibility Study for the Chlorofluorocarbon-Replacing Material Discharged from a South Korean Liquid Crystal Factory Research Institute for Industrial Location co., LTD Republic of Korea Others
2004 Study on the Destruction Project of HFC23 Gas Emissioned by Mexican Refrigerant Manufacturer UNICO International Corporation Mexico Others
2004 Wind Power Project in Mondul Kiri Province, Cambodia Marubeni Corporation Cambodia Renewable Energy
2004 Comparison of Feasibilty Between Large Scale and Small Scale A/R CDM Cooperated with Local People in East Java Indonesia Sumitomo Forestry Co, .Ltd. Indonesia LULUCF(Reforestation)
2004 Triple Benefit CDM Reforestation Project in Ecuador Conservation International Ecuador LULUCF(Reforestation)
2004 Feasibility Study on a Wood Fired Power Plant, including Energy Forestation Planning for Sustainable Fuel Wood Supply, in Southern Vietnam Sojitz Research Institute, Ltd. Viet Nam Biomas Utilisation
2004 Supplementary Feasibility Study on Biomass Generation at a Sugar Factory in Thailand General Environmental Technos Co., Ltd. Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2004 Swine Manure to Biogas Power Project in Ratchaburi, Thailand TAKUMA CO., LTD. Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2004 The Project of Bio-Diesel Production from Sunflower, in Thailand Powwow Pool Co., Ltd. Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2004 Bio-Diesel Oil Refinery Construction Plan in the Republic of South Africa Mitsui & Co., Ltd. South Africa Biomas Utilisation
2004 Study for Cogeneration Project with Herbal Biomass Utilizing Inactive Sugar Factories in Poland Mizuho Information & Research Institute Poland Biomas Utilisation
2004 Feasibility Study for Biomass High-Efficiency Power Generation Project JFE Engineering Corporation Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2004 A Study on Production of Anhydrous Fuel Ethanol in Lithuania Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Lithuania Biomas Utilisation
2004 Feasibility Study on the Rice Husk-Fired Cogeneration Project at the Angkor Rice Mill in Cambodia Mitsubishi Securities Co., Ltd. Cambodia Biomas Utilisation
2004 Bagasse-Based Cogeneration Project in Brazil Association of International Research Initiatives for Environmental Studies Brazil Biomas Utilisation
2004 Investigation on Power Generation by the Methane Capture from the Municipal Waste in Vietnam Nippon Mining Research & Technology Co., Ltd. Viet Nam Waste Management
2004 Feasibility Study on Effective Using of Landfill Gas in Lugansk, Ukraine Shimizu Corporation Ukraine Waste Management
2004 Feasibility Study on Landfill Gas Utilization Project in Obayashi Corporation Thailand Waste Management
2004 Project Study for Cogeneration Using Biomass in Industrial Estate Located in Eastern Coast Thailand Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. Thailand Waste Management
2004 Feasibility Study on the Utilization of Methane Gas from the Landfill Site in Surgut, Russia Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Russia Waste Management
2004 Feasibility Study on Power Generation Utilizing Biogas from Sewage Sludge and Organic Wastes in Kazakhstan Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc Kazakhstan Waste Management
2004 Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Project in Sidoarjo, Indonesia Pacific Consultants International Indonesia Waste Management
2004 Bantar Gebang LFG Collection & Energy Recovery CDM Project KAJIMA CORPORATION Indonesia Waste Management
2004 Nanjin Tianjingwa Landfill Methan Gas Utilization Project in China Chubu Electric Power Co., ltd China Waste Management