Survey of the Efficient Piggery Biogas Utilization Business in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Global Environment Centre Foundation(GEC)

Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

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Year Survey name Research Organization Country / region Field
2007 Survey of the Efficient Piggery Biogas Utilization Business in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil The Japan Research Institute, Limited. Brazil Waste Management
2007 Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization for Power Generation Project at Cement Industry in Jiangsu Province, China Mizuho Information & Research Institute Inc. China Others(Waste Heat Recovery)
2007 Feasibility Study on Energy Efficiency for Public Lighting Systems in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd. Viet Nam Other
2007 The Building Energy Saving Programmatic CDM Project for the Telecommunication Company in the Philippines KAJIMA Corporation Philippines Other
2007 Promotion of Energy Saving through Application of Programmatic CDM at Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), Tianjin City, China E & E Solutions Inc. China Other
2007 Fuel Efficiency Improvement and Pollution Abatement in Public Transportation in Metro Manila, the Philippines Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd. Philippines Transportation
2007 Wind Power Electricity Generation in Slovakia Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc. slovakia Renewable Energy
2007 Feasibility Study on Afforestation CDM for Community Development in Extensive Grazing Land in Uruguay Japan Overseas Plantation Center for Pulpwood Uruguay LULUCF(Reforestation)
2007 Development of A/R CDM Projects Optimized to Serve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Needs Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. Indonesia LULUCF(Reforestation)
2007 Philippines Reforestation, Agroforestry and Biomass ‘Triple Benefit’ CDM Project Research Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Philippines Biomas Utilisation
2007 Feasibility Study of Wastewater Treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Starch Processing Plant in Tay Ninh, Vietnam TOSHIBA CORPORATION Viet Nam Biomas Utilisation
2007 Survey of the Biomass Electric Generation System by the Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells in Phi Phi Island in Thailand KRI, Inc. Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2007 Methane Collection and Power Generation from Wastewater in Alcohol Factory in Thailand Kanematsu Corporation (KG) Thailand Biomas Utilisation
2007 POME Treatment Co-benefits CDM Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2007 Research Project on Methane Emissions Reduction by Composting Wastes from Palm Mill in Malaysia Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd Malaysia Biomas Utilisation
2007 Feasibility Study on Jatropha Based Biodiesel-Fuel Production Project in Madagascar Sojitz Research Institute, Ltd. Madagascar Biomas Utilisation
2007 Feasibility Study on Rural Electrification by Utilization of Biomass in Lao P.D.R The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Lao PDR Biomas Utilisation
2007 Business Survey of the Biomass Use in the Electric Arc Furnace for Steel Manufacture in Indonesia JP Steel Plantech Co. Indonesia Biomas Utilisation
2007 Methane Recovery from Tapioca Wastewater in Lampung, Indonesia JFE Techno-Research Corporation Indonesia Biomas Utilisation
2007 Biomass-based Grid-Connected Electricity Generation Project in China The Japan Research Institute, Limited China Biomas Utilisation
2007 Municipal Solid Waste 3R Promotion & Stabilization in Viet Nam KAJIMA Corporation Viet Nam Waste Management
2007 Biogas Electricity Generation through Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Taisei Corporation Viet Nam Waste Management
2007 Study into Utilization of Methane Gas at Bela-Tserkov Landfill Site, Ukraine Shimizu Corporation Ukraine Waste Management
2007 Feasibility Study on Emission Free Community Composting Programmatic CDM in Bohol, Philippines EX CORPORATION Philippines Waste Management
2007 Study into Utilization of Methane Gas at Al Akidar Landfill Site, Jordan Shimizu Corporation Jordan Waste Management