The 30MW Project of Xinjiang Urumqi Tuoli Wind Farm

Global Environment Centre Foundation(GEC)

Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

Title of the researchThe 30MW Project of Xinjiang Urumqi Tuoli Wind Farm
FYFY 2005
Main research orgnisationMizuho Information and Research Institute
Research partner(s)Beijing Guotou Energy Conservation Company
Location of the projectChina (Xinjiang)
Summary of the research report (PDF)Summary
Description of the projectThis project is aimed to develop a 30MW wind farm to be located within Tuoli Town of Urumqi County, under the jurisdiction of the Urumqi city, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the P.R.C.
Sector of the projectRenewable Energy (Wind Power)
Duration of the project activity/ crediting period2007 - 2012
Baseline methodology/additionalityWe can apply for ACM0002.
The electricity produced by this project will substitute for thermal electric power generation.
Estimation of GHG emissions93,355.84 [t-CO2/Year]
Monitoring methodologyWe can apply for ACM0002.
We will evaluate the total amount of electricity in a year which will be purchased by the Urumqi grid.
Environmental impactThe impacts of the wind farm construction on overall environmental qualities and ecological environment in the proposed project area are very limited. Concretely the potential environmental impacts of This Wind Farm Project are analyzed about Noise, Impact on birds, Visual impact, Disturbance to communication by blades. and so on.
Issues and tasks for project implementationTo get permission by the Urumqi grid for purchasing electricity produced by this wind power project.