Installation of High Efficiency Kiln in Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Factory

Representative Participant
Partner Participant: TOTO Vietnam Co., LTD.
JCM Project Cycle:Not registered

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Two High Efficiency kilns (tunnel, shuttle) are installed in a new sanitary ware manufacturing factory in Thang Long Industrial Park II in the suburbs of Hanoi city. The tunnel kiln has a heat recovery system in products cooling stage and the shuttle kiln is equipped with a heat-exchanger for the heat recovery from exhaust gas, reducing usage amount of fuel gas. Maximum energy-saving amount through this function is up to 30%.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

1,410 tCO2/ year

Tunnel:1,248 tCO2/year
Shuttle: 162 tCO2/year
REp=GCPJ,p×(ηRE÷ηPJ )× EFfuel
PEp=GCPJ,p× EFfuel
REp:reference emission within project period p (tCO2/p) GCPJ,p:project gas consumption within project period p (Nm3/p)
ηPJ:calorific value per unit of project (kcal/kg)
ηRE: calorific value per unit of reference (kcal/kg)
EFfuel:emission factor (tCO2/Nm3)
PEp: project emission within project period p (tCO2/p)

Site of JCM Project

JCM Methodology

Methodology No. Title Methodology Proponent
VN_AM010 Introduction of tunnel and/or shuttle kiln with waste heat recovery system NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, INC.