An Overview of Business Matching Site “JCM Global Match”


JCM Global Match is an entirely free-of-charge business matching website, which connects the companies offering low-carbon and decarbonizing technologies (sellers) and the companies in JCM partner countries implementing such technologies (buyers).

By registering for an account with your preferences such as technologies and facilities, as well as countries where you seek to undertake a JCM project, the platform can automatically suggest “sellers” or “buyers” that match those preferences, to help you find new business partners or to develop new JCM projects. Consulting firms who are knowledgeable about JCM projects and financial institutions are also welcome to use the platform.

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 To develop projects for JCM(Joint Crediting Mechanism)funding, a Japanese entity, which will be a representative participant, and a JCM partner-country entity, a partner participant, need to form an international consortium. JCM Global Match was created for entities who are considering applying for JCM programme, but in need of a partner entity to develop future JCM projects.

2.Three ways for “How to use JCM Global Match”

  • Online-Matching:
    JCM Global Match was created to connect the companies offering cutting-edge technologies effective for GHG emission mitigation measures (sellers), and companies in JCM partner countries implementing such technologies (buyers) on-line, and to facilitate conversation between potential project partners.
  • Matching with Consultants and Financiers:
    Financial institutions and consulting firms, who can work with those seeking to apply for JCM projects, are also available for matching.
  • Business Matching Session at JCM seminars:
    JCM Global Match offers opportunities where users can talk with local entities and potential project partners in person at JCM seminars. Even though these seminars can be attended without registration for this business matching site, this site offers you beneficial features such as the ability to reserve a table for in-person meetings with your potential partners ahead of non-Global Match user attendees . This on-line feature is an effective tool to begin a conversation with your potential partners prior to local seminars, which can make your project development process go more smoothly.

3.Basic Information about「JCM Global Match」

Registration and Usage Fee Free
Supporting Organization Ministry of the Environment, Japan; Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES); Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center (OECC)
Operation Organization Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC), Tokyo Office
TEL: +81-3-6801-8773  Email: Attn: Aoyama(Ms.)

4.Example of JCM Global Match

Project Title:3MW Solar Power Project in Chillan, Ñuble Region
Representative Participant:FARMLAND Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant:Land and Sea SpA、Farmdo Energy Chile SpA

【Detail and History of Matching】
A supporting consulting firm, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., and a partner participant, Land and Sea SpA, made a matching on the platform. They had a face-to-face business conversation in the matching session of JCM seminar in Chile in 2019, and subsequently developed and submitted their project, which was selected as a JCM project in 2019.

As you can see from this example, this platform is a place where the Japanese companies offering low-carbon and decarbonizing technologies (sellers) and companies in JCM partner countries implementing such technologies (buyers) can find each other and discuss their future projects. Please make the most of this platform, JCM Global Match!