Introduction of Energy Saving Equipment to Brewery

Representative Participant
Sapporo International Inc.
Partner Participant: Sapporo Vietnam Limited.
JCM Project Cycle:Not registered

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Sapporo Group’s Vietnam branch (Sapporo Vietnam Limited.) introduces highly-efficient and energy-saving equipment together with the expansion of production facilities in Long An brewery. This project reduces electricity and LPG consumption by introducing air compressor, cold water chiller and once-through boiler (LPG). This project reduces the percentage of unloads as well as the frequency of starts / stops and improves the performance of each individual unit. A cascade cooling system is built by the cold water chiller.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions


Air compressor: 18.4tCO2/year

 =(RE electricity consumption-PJ electricity consumption)×EFel

 =(Electricity required ÷SP of current equipment×(SPRE-SPPJ))×EFel

Cold water chiller: 13.6tCO2/year

 =(RE electricity consumption -PJ electricity consumption)×EFel

 =(Refrigeration capacity required×(1÷COPRE-1÷COPPJ))×EFel

Once-through boiler: 75tCO2/year

 =(RE LPG consumption-PJ LPG consumption )×EFlpg

 =(RE LPG consumption -(RE LPG consumption ×ηRE÷ηPJ×ORPJ

    + RE LPG consumption ×(1-ORPJ))×EFlpg

RE: Reference, PJ: Project, EFel: Grid Emission Factor, EFlpg: LPG Emission Factor

SP: Specific Power of air compressor, COP: Coefficient of Performance of chiller

η: Boiler efficiency, OR: Operation Rate

Site of JCM Project