Introduction of High Efficiency Chilled Water Supply System in Milk Factory

Representative Participant
TEPIA Corporation Japan Co.,Ltd.
Partner Participant: CP-Meiji Co., Ltd.
JCM Project Cycle:Not registered

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Renewal of cold water supply system by installation of high efficiency chiller to the manufacturing process in major food manufacturing plant in Thailand.

The updated system achieves optimal thermal efficiency by replacing existing reciprocating chiller with high efficiency water-cooled screw chiller, along with introducing a heat exchanger.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

1,219 [tCO2/year]

= (Reference CO2 Emission) - (Project CO2 Emission)

= (( Reference Power Consumption) - (Project

Power Consumption)) × Emission Factor[tCO2/MWh]

=(6,444-4,061)[MWh]x0.573 [tCO2/MWh]

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