Introduction of 0.5MW Solar Power System to Aroma and Food Ingredients Factory

Representative Participant
Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant:PT. Indesso Aroma
Host Country
JCM Model Project
Renewable Energy

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

  • The project is to generate electricity through installing PV system to the roof of Indesso Aroma’s factory located in Bogor, Indonesia
  • Use of electricity generated is for own consumption, reducing current power supply from PLN and to replace coal based electricity.
  • Equipment to be installed in this project are 1,952 units of PV modules (NER660M300), 2 sets of inverters (Meiden SP320-250T-N), 7 sets of string junction, and 1 remote monitoring system (Solajit NEEB002).

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

400 tCO2/year

Net annual electricity generation by the photovoltaic system installed

     in the project  x CO2 emission factor of the grid

=Annual expected GHG emission reductions

Site of JCM Project


In operation