Introduction of Amorphous High Efficiency Transformers in Southern and Central Power Grids

Representative Participant
Yuko-Keiso Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant: EVN SPC, EVN HCMC, EVN CPC, EVN Danang
JCM Project Cycle:Registered

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The purpose of this project is to reduce CO2 emission through the pro motion of amorphous high efficiency transformers in southern and central power distribution systems of Vietnam. 4,834 transformers in total (2,683 for EVN SPC (Southern power grid), 892 for EVN HCMC, 977 for EVN CPC (Central power grid), 282 for EVN Danang) are introduced to realize a reduction of distribution losses which contribute to CO2 emission reduction. Hitachi Metals in Japan supplies Amorphous alloy to be used as core of the transformers and THIBIDI fabricates the transformers.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

4,402 tCO2/ year

= (No load losses of the reference transformer – No load losses of the project transformer) x (1 – Blackout rate during the project period) x CO2 emission factor of the grid

Site of JCM Project