Installation of Inverter-type Air Conditioning System, LED Lighting and Separate Type Fridge Freezer Showcase to Grocery Stores in Republic of Indonesia

Representative Participant
Lawson, Inc.
Partner Participant: PT. Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk
Host Country
JCM Model Project
Energy Efficiency
JCM Project Cycle:Registered
JCM Project Cycle:Credit issued

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Total electricity consumption of food retail convenience stores is decreased by the installation of the latest high-efficiency facilities and high-efficiency chillers with natural refrigerant (CO2 refrigerant), inverter-controlled air-conditioners, and LED lighting. As a result, CO2 emissions due to electricity consumption are reduced.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

806 tCO2/year (Aggregated emission reductions by 2020)

Site of JCM Project

in/around Jakarta, Indonesia.

The project covers a total of 12 grocery stores located in Special Capital Region of Jakarta and its surrounding districts.

JCM Methodology

Methodology No. Title Methodology Proponent
ID_AM004 Installation of Inverter-Type Air Conditioning System for Cooling for Grocery Store myclimate Japan Co., Ltd.
ID_AM005 Installation of LED Lighting for Grocery Store myclimate Japan Co., Ltd.
ID_AM008 Installation of a separate type fridge-freezer showcase by using natural refrigerant for grocery store to reduce air conditioning load inside the store myclimate Japan Co., Ltd.



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