Development of District Energy Supply Business By Introducing Co-generation

Representative Participant
JGC Corporation
Host Country
Selected Year
Energy Efficiency

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

JGC corporation plans to develop a district energy supply model by introducing a cogeneration system into complex buildings consisting of office, apartment and convention center in Jakarta.
This cogeneration system with high efficiency gas engine (Expected capacity: 4.0 MW) could contribute to GHG emission reductions as well as safe and stable energy supply in the area.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

18,762 tCO2/year

  • Reference emissions: 53,291 tCO2/year
    Emissions from grid electricity: 53,291 tCO2/year
  • Project emissions: 34,529 tCO2/year
    Emissions from gas consumption: 14,955 tCO2/year
    Emissions from grid electricity: 19,573 tCO2/year

Site of JCM Project

DKI Jakarta