Please take advantage of the “JCM Global Match” !


JCM Global Match is an entirely free-of-charge business matching platform, which supports make the JCM financing programme conducted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan. Within this platform, Japanese companies offering low-carbon and decarbonizing technologies, the companies in the JCM partner countries implementing such technologies, JCM specialists from consulting firms, and Financiers who can support from financial aspects can communicate each other to develop JCM projects more effectively.

Please feel free to register and enjoy services which the platform provides for the JCM project development!



1.Major features of the “JCM Global Match” 

  1. Fast registration; You need only 5 items to start!
  2. Language switching available; You can choose either English or Japanese for the menu browsing (N.B. Our website itself doesn’t include translation services. Please use your browser’s service when you need one.)
  3. Quick search engine; A search bar is always on the top of every page!
  4. Promote your competitive advantages or what you are looking for for the project development via your Profile page and “My Company’s Specialties” function!
  5. Communication both way; openly and privately: You have a Open Discussion room and Invitation Salon as a stage of your project development
  6. With a matching request approved, you can chat, exchange e-mail addresses with the paticular person.

  * Use of Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge is recommended.

2.Example of JCM Global Match

Project Name:Chile/3MW Solar Power Project in Chillan, Ñuble Region
Representative Participant:FARMLAND Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant:Land and Sea SpA、Farmdo Energy Chile SpA

【Detail and History of Matching】
A supporting consulting firm, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., and a partner participant, Land and Sea SpA, made a matching on the platform. They had a face-to-face business conversation in the matching session of JCM seminar in Chile in 2019, and subsequently developed and submitted their project, which was selected as a JCM project in 2019.


Project Name:Mongolia/15MW Solar Power Project in Erdene, Dornogovi Province
Representative Participant: Asian Gateway Corporation

【Detail and History of Matching】

JCM Global Business Match successfully connects the dots. Asian Gateway Corporation, the representative participant of this project, received a “Matching Request” from a Mongolian company, who introduced Asian Gateway Corporation to other Mongolian JCM Global Match users, including banks. This networking directly and indirectly helped Asian Gateway Corporation to make this project happen and get awarded for a JCM Model Project successfully.


Project Name:Kenya/Introduction of 230kW Solar Power plus Battery to PJ Dave Flora Ltd
Representative Participant:FARMLAND Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant:Farmdo Energy Kenya Ltd.
Joint Envestor in Partner Participant : Astonfield Solesa Solar Kenya Limited

【Detail and History of Matching】

Representative Participant found out Astonfield on the JCM Global Match.They also had a face-to-face contact in another event sponsored by AfDB, and subsequently learned about UNIDO-JCM through PR to JCM registrants, developed and submitted their project, which was selected as the first UNIDO-JCM Model project in 2022.


As you can see from these examples, this platform is a place where the Japanese companies offering low-carbon and decarbonizing technologies, and companies in JCM partner countries implementing such technologies can find each other and discuss their future projects. Please make the most of this platform, JCM Global Match!

3.Basic Information about「JCM Global Match」

Registration and Usage Fee Free
Supporting Organization Ministry of the Environment, Japan; Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES); Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center (OECC)
Operation Organization Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC), Tokyo Office
TEL: +81-3-6801-8773  Email: Attn: Oshimo(Mr.)