Improvement of Thermal Insulation and Water Cleaning/Air Purge at Power Plant

Representative Participant
Kanden Plant Co., Inc.
Host Country
Selected Year
Energy Efficiency

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Energy efficiency at Combined Heat and Power Plants #3 and #4 (CHPs 3 & 4) will be improved by using following technologies:
 1) improvement of thermal insulation by using “Eco-AIM (e’-AIM) Method”, and
 2) advanced maintenance of heat exchangers by using “Rakuchin Gun Device”.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

3,000tCO2/yr for both CHPs 3 & 4
 ←CHP-3: 950tCO2/yr
  ←Insulation: 935tCO2/yr, and
  ←Cleaning: 15tCO2/yr
 ←CHP-4: 2,050tCO2/yr
  ←Insulation: 2,035tCO2/yr, and
  ←Cleaning: 15tCO2/yr

Site of JCM Project

CHP-3&CHP-4 to be carried out in this project is located on the suburbs of Ulanbaatar.