Introduction of Energy Efficient Refrigeration System in Logistics Center

Representative Participant
Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant: Ryobi Myanmar Distribution Service Co., Ltd.
Host Country
Selected Year
JCM Model Project
Energy Efficiency
Not registered

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

1)Demand of logistic center for frozen and chilled foods is increasing in Myanmar.

But it is not easy to add facilities there due to their chronic electricity shortages.

By installing high efficient refrigerator, this project reduces energy consumption and CO2 emission.

2)This refrigerator uses NH3 as primary, CO2 as secondary refrigerant. They have a smaller global warming potential compared to CFC substitute, and lead to reduce CO2 emission.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

125 tCO2-eq./year

GHG emission reductions

   = Reference emissions – Project emissions

GHG emission (tCO2/y) = Electricity consumption (MWh) x Emission factor(MWh/y)

CO2 Emission factor = 0.425(tCO2/MWh)

Site of JCM Project

JCM Methodology

Methodology No. Title Methodology Proponent
MM_AM002 Ver1.0 Installation of Energy-efficient Refrigerators Using Natural Refrigerant at Cold Storage Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd.