Small-scale conduit type hydropower plant

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

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Field Year Survey name Research Organization Country / region
Renewable Energy (Hydropower) 2013 Small-scale conduit type hydropower plant Nippon Koei Co., Ltd Myanmar
Renewable Energy (Hydropower) 2009 Feasibility Study of a Small-Scale Hydropower CDM Project in Lam Dong Province, Viet Nam Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. (HEPCO) Viet Nam
Renewable Energy (Hydropower) 2008 Investigation of Programmatic CDM on Renewable Energy Generation Utilizing Irrigation Canals in the Philippines The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. Philepines
Renewable Energy (Hydropower) 2005 Talubin River Basin Mini-Hydropower Project in the Philippines Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., LTD Philippines