CDM Feasibility Study on Ventilation Air Methane Power Generation Project at Dafosi Coal Mine in China

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

Title of Feasibility Study (FS)CDM Feasibility Study on Ventilation Air Methane Power Generation Project at Dafosi Coal Mine in China
FYFY 2010
Main Implementing EntityPEAR Carbon Offset Initiative, Ltd.
FS Partner(s)DNV Climate Change & Environmental Services, KOE Environment Consultancy, Inc.
Location of Project ActivityChina (Shaanxi Province)
Category of Project ActivityOthers (Coal Mine Methane)
Targeted GHGCH4
Duration of Project Activity/ Crediting Period19 years since the starting date of the construction work for the first stage/
10 years from January 2012 to December 2021
Summary of FS ReportSummary(PDF 450KB)
Description of Project ActivityThe proposed CDM project will be conducted as the first CPA of a PoA (China Coal Mine Ventilation Air Methane Oxidization Programme), of which geographical boundary includes all area of China. The PoA aims to reduce GHG emission by destroying methane contained in Ventilation Air Methane emitted from Chinese coal mines using newly developed flameless oxidization technology. Heat energy recovered by the oxidization may be utilized to generate high temperature steam for electricity generation and/or low temperature steam and hot water for heating.
Methodology to be appliedACM0008 (Version 07)
Baseline ScenarioGas extraction is a combination of CMM and VAM. All extracted VAM and CMM added to VAM are vented into the atmosphere without destroying/utilization. All the coal mine's electricity demand is met through a Grid. All the coal mine’s heat demand depends on its own coal boilers.
Demonstration of AdditionalityAs required by methodology ACM0008, the latest version of the "Tool for the demonstration and assessment of additionality (Version 05.2)" is applied to demonstrate additionality of CPAs. Considering the result of each step of the tool, additionality of the CPA can be demonstrated.
Estimation of GHG Emission Reductions404,434tCO2/year (average)
Monitoring PlanMonitoring is carried out according to provisions of ACM0008.
Environmental Impact AnalysisThe EIA for the CPA has been completed in June 2008 and approved by Environmental Protection Bureau of Xianyang City on December 11, 2008. However, it will be reapproved by the Bureau in March 2011 according to discussion with DOE.
Project FeasibilityBinchang Co. has already decided to invest the CPA first stage in FY2011.
"Co-benefits" (i.e. Improvement of Local Environmental Problems)NOx and SOx have never been monitored in the exhausted gas from VAM oxidizers as a result of trial operation. The project will contribute to the mitigation of air pollution resulted from power stations of NWPG which electricity would be replaced by the electricity generated by the CPA.
Contribution to Sustainable Development in Host CountryAs new industry and employment will be created, associated with manufacturing VAM oxidizers as well as construction and operation of VAM oxidizing plant at coal mines, the CPA will contribute to sustainable development with economic and job creating effect in China.