Improvement of REDD+ Implementation Using IC Technology

FS Entity
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Host Country

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The REDD+ project activities are to be implemented in the project area with Ecological Restoration Concession (ERC), most of which is covered with natural forest. Activities for forest conservation, protecting endangered orangutan as a safeguard will be conducted. In forest areas surrounding the ERC area, many concessions for commercial logging have been sold. Therefore, risks for deforestation have been increased in the ERC area. By using IT devices (eg. NEC LifeTouch), forest & ecosystem management activities are to be supported in the project.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

← Based on the following baseline assumption Total carbon stock in the ERC: 12.5 MtC
35% loss due to the future deforestation
30 years of project duration

Site of JCM Project

The project area (ERC area) is about 86,000 ha, located in the East Kalimantan Province.

JCM Methodology

In general, satellite multi-spectrum data are applied for land classification analysis. In this FS, by applying high-resolution textural data, sparse discrimination analyses are conducted so that the accuracy of land classification can be improved.