Regenerative Burners for Aluminium Melting Furnaces

Representative Participant
Toyotsu Machinery Corporation

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Regenerative burners will be introduced to replace conventional single burners attached to the aluminium melting furnaces, so as to achieve energy efficiency in the automotive and motorcycle parts factory.
Regenerative burners are composed of a pair of burners, to reuse waste heat included in exhaust gas for combustion air preheating.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions


Potential: 170 thousand tCO2/yr
← Similar projects are to be implemented for the aluminium demand of 770kt/yr in 2020.

Site of JCM Project

Factories with aluminium melting furnaces, located in Near Jakarta:

i. PT. TD Automotive Compressor Indonesia
ii. PT. Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia.
iii. PT. Kyowa Indonesia

JCM Methodology

CO2 reduction is calculated along with the reduction of natural gas consumptions.
Between reference and project scenarios, energy consumption rates per unit of aluminium product are compared.