Preliminary Selection Result for Financing Programme for JCM Model Projects in FY2017


 Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) as a secretariat for Financing Programme for Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Model Projects in FY2017, has been soliciting proposals for the financing programme and is announcing the selection of 18 proposed projects.



Programme Overview


 Japan establishes and implements the Joint Crediting Mechanism (hereinafter referred to as “JCM”) in order both to appropriately evaluate contributions from Japan to GHG emission reductions or removals in a quantitative manner achieved through the diffusion of low carbon technologies, products, systems, services, and infrastructure as well as implementation of mitigation actions in developing countries.
 Starting from Mongolia in January 2013, Japan  has established the JCM with 17 partner countries (Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maldives, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Palau, Cambodia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines) at this moment.

 In order to support the implementation of candidate JCM projects, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (hereinafter referred to as “MOEJ”) has launched the “JCM Model Projects (hereinafter referred to as “model project”),” which includes collaboration with projects supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and other governmental-affiliated financial institution.
 The purpose of this model project is to financially support the implementation of projects which reduce GHG emissions by utilizing leading low carbon technologies in developing countries, and in return seeks to acquire JCM credits for achievement of Japan’s GHG emission reduction target.




Overview of Selected Projects

    •  GEC has been accepting project proposals since 7 April 2017. After reviewing proposals and conducting hearing, GEC selected the proposals listed below. GEC will further examine the project contents and provide a notice to the representative participants for the final decision before the proposed projects are implemented. 



Partner Country Representative Participant Project Title Expected CO2 Emission Reductions(tCO2/year)
Mongolia Sharp Corporation Introduction of 15MW Solar Power System near New Airport 18,438
Vietnam Yuko Keiso Co. Ltd. Introduction of  Amorphous High Efficiency Transformers in Southern and Central Power Grids Ⅱ 1,469
Vietnam YUASA TRADING CO.,LTD. Introduction of High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller to Rubber Products Factory 289
Vietnam Sapporo International Inc. Introduction of Energy Saving Equipment to Brewery 107
Lao PDR TSB Co., Ltd. Introduction of  14MW floating solar power system in Vientiane 11,450
Lao PDR Yuko Keiso Co. Ltd. Introduction of Amorphous High Efficiency Transformers in Power Grid 2,099
Indonesia AEON Mall co., Ltd. Introduction of Gas Co-generation System and Absorption Chiller to Large Shopping Mall 7,339
Indonesia Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. Introduction of 1MW Solar Power System in North Sulawesi 1,246
Indonesia iFORCOM Tokyo Co.,Ltd. Energy Saving for Air-Conditioning Utility System in Airport Terminal by High-efficiency Control Equipment 615
Mexico Kyuden International Corporation Los AltosⅡ Wind Farm Project 66,351
Mexico Sharp Corporation Introduction of 20MW Solar Power System in San Luis Potosí 12,457
Chile Sharp Corporation Introduction of 4.6MW Solar Power System near Santiago Metropolitan Region 2,658
Thailand Fuji-Foods Cooporation Introduction of Biomass Co-Generation System to Food Factory 7,111
Thailand Yokohama Port Corporation Introduction of Energy Efficient Equipment to Bangkok Port 5,491
Philippines Toyota Tsusho Corporation 15MW Mini Hydro Power Plant Project in Siguil River in Mindanao 49,073
Philippines CHODAI CO., LTD. 4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant Project in Taguibo River in Mindanao 5,675
Philippines Tokyo Century Corporation Introduction of 1.53MW Rooftop Solar Power System in Auto Parts Factories 1,124
Philippines Toyota Motor Corporation Introduction of 1MW Rooftop Solar Power System in Vehicle Assembly Factory 859


JCM Financing programs by MOEJ (FY2013~2017) as of June 26, 2017


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