Saving Energy by introducing optimum pumps in water purification plant

Representative Participant
Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
Host Country
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Energy Efficiency

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The project plans to introduce optimum pumps which is made by EBARA corporation into existing water purification plant managed by Saigon water corporation(SAWACO) (Number of introduced pumps 3 pumps, 105m/min X approximately 45m, 900kW). It expects to save energy by 20,000 [kWh/day] by introducing optimum pumps.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

7,517 tCO2/year
Reference CO2 emissions: : 19,120 tCO2/year
 Consumed power by reference pump: 1,411kW
 Number of Existing pumps: 3pumps
 Emission factor: 0.5408 tCO2/MWh

Project CO2 emissions : 11,603 tCO2/year
Consumed power by optimum pump:  900 kW
 Number of introduced pumps  3pumps

Site of JCM Project

JCM project site:Tan Hiep1 water purification plant/Vietnam Ho chi minh city