Introduction of Energy-from-Waste Project in Ho Chi Minh City

Representative Participant
Hitachi Zosen Corporation, and K.K.Satisfactory international
Partner Participant: K.K. Satisfactory International
Host Country
Selected Year
Waste Handling and Disposal

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The study investigates incineration of all wastes from the household, factories, stores and markets, to produce electricity/energy by incineration and fulfill the electricity production guidelines provided by the Vietnamese government. By effectively utilizing Ho Chi Minh City’s wastes, not only are fossil fuels replaced by fuel by waste, green house gases are reduced, the amount of wastes needing treatment/sent to landfills is reduced, resources are effectively used, and natural resource usage is reduced.
 We will effectively utilize the “Solid waste-to-energy project innovation assistance mechanism for Vietnam proclaimed as the Prime Minister’s Decision dated May 2014”.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

42,000 tCO2/year
Reference GHG emissions: 135,700tCO2/year
 Avoided CH4 emissions from Landfill (94,100tCO2/year)
 Electricity supplied to replace grid electricity (41,600tCO2/year)
Project GHG emissions: 93,700CO2/year

Site of JCM Project

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam