10MW-scale Biomass based Power Generation

Representative Participant
Obayashi Corporation
Partner Participant: EX Research Institute Limited
Host Country
Selected Year

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

This project under consideration aims to operate a power plant using a sustainable short-rotation crop as the main fuel for its power generation. Electricity to be generated at the power plant is exported to the National Grid. Sri Lanka has set up National Policy to promote electricity supply from renewable energy sources for up to 20% of the total nation’s grid electricity supply by 2020.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

40,052 tCO2/year
Reference CO2 emissions: 49,701tCO2/year
 Electricity generation and supply to the grid (70,080MWh/yr) x Emission factor for grid electricity (0.7092tCO2/MWh)
Project CO2 emissions: 9,649tCO2/year
 Biomass fuel procured (wet base) (134,569t/yr)
 Emissions from cultivation, transportation and pretreatment of 1 ton of biomass (0.0717tCO2/t)

Site of JCM Project

Ampara District, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka