Solar Power Generation with Long-Life Storage Battery in Non-Electrified Regions

Representative Participant
Sony Energy Devices Corporation
Host Country
Selected Year
Renewable Energy

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Solar photovoltaic power generation and long-life storage battery* systems will be installed in non-electrified regions of Bangladesh. The project will employ the system to make effective use of renewable energy generation.
 As a result, GHG will be reduced compared with conventional power generation methods based on fossil fuels.
 At the same time, the system will help to improve daily life and hygienic conditions for residents.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

1.7tCO2/yr (for one system with 2kW PV system)
 → 1,700tCO2/yr as potentials: 1,000 systems are assumed to be installed.
 ← Calculation:
 consumed electricity from long-life storage battery (kWh) / generating efficiency of small-scale generators using fossil fuels (%) x CO2 emission factor of the fossil fuels (kgCO2/MJ).

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