Introduction of Gas Co-generation System and 22MW Rooftop Solar Power System to Tire Factory

Representative Participant
The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated
Partner Participant: Kansai Energy Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

A Gas Co-generation System (6.6MW class × 2 units) and a Rooftop Solar Power System (total of about 22 MW) are installed to the tire factory, and all the generated power and steam are supplied to replace those consumed in the factory.
These high-efficient systems and renewable energy sources realize energy saving, stable energy supply, and reduction in green house gas (GHG) emissions.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

38,703 tCO2-eq./year

=(Reference CO₂ emissions) [tCO2/year]
– (Project CO₂ emissions) [tCO2/year]
Gas Co-generation System:
(Project electricity supply × CO2 emission factor) + (Project steam supply ÷ Efficiency of reference boiler ÷ Calorific value of natural gas × CO2 emission factor) – (Project fuel consumption × CO2 emission factor)
Solar Power System:
(Project electricity supply × CO2 emission factor) – 0

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