REDD+ project in Boalemo District

Representative Participant
Kanematsu Corporation
Host Country
Selected Year

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

This project aims to monitor the effectiveness of REDD+ activities and quantify the amount of GHG emission reductions by REDD+ activities in Boalemo District, Gorontalo Province, where deforestation is occurring by slash-and-burn agriculture for growing corn. The project promotes cacao production and its improvement as an alternative or additional livelihood for corn farmers, and also conducts awareness raising activities and capacity development for monitoring.
REDD+ activities will be implemented in cooperation with Boalemo district government and cacao production and its improvement will be promoted in a participatory way with the local people.
Database for monitoring will be developed and Japanese experts provide technical assistance on utilizing satellite data to improve monitoring the project, which will be conducted in cooperation with Boalemo government.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

86,520 t-CO2/year
Reference scenario
⇒ GHG emission will be continued according to historical trend.
Project scenario
⇒ By raising awareness of local people about forest conservation, by introducing alternative or additional livelihood (cacao production and its improvement) which does not depend on slash-and-burn agriculture, and by strengthening monitoring capacity, deforestation will be reduced.

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