Upgrading and Installation of Centralized Control System of High-efficiency Heat Only Boiler (HOB)

Representative Participant
Suuri-Keikaku Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant: Anu-Service
Host Country
Selected Year
JCM Model Project
Energy Efficiency
Credit issued

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

This JCM model project consists of two model sites: Bornuur sum in a rural area and the 118th School in Ulaanbaatar City.
The Bornuur sum project includes the installation of heat only boilers (HOBs) as well as pipe laying work, electrical construction and boiler building construction. This project alters the current heat supply system in Bornuur sum of individual building-based heating, under which low efficiency HOBs and stoves are used. The centralized control system of high-efficiency HOBs is installed in this project. The improvement of boiler efficiency brings about a reduction of coal consumption to reduce CO2 emissions and other air pollutants.
The other project is the replacement of low-efficiency, old-type boilers with the latest high-efficiency model boilers at the 118th School in Ulaanbaatar City. This project also leads to the reduction of coal consumption to mitigate CO2 emissions as well as air pollutants.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

298 tCO2-eq./year

in Bornuur sum

92 tCO2/year
in Ulaanbaatar City

Site of JCM Project

Bornuur sum & Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia

JCM Methodology

Methodology No. Title Methodology Proponent
MN_AM002 Ver1.0 Replacement and Installation of High Efficiency Heat Only Boiler (HOB) for Hot Water Supply Systems Suuri-Keikaku CO., LTD., Climate Experts LTD.


JCM Project Registration

Reference No. Project Title Registration Date
MN001 Installation of high-efficiency Heat Only Boilers in 118th School of Ulaanbaatar City Project 30 Jun 2015
MN002 Centralization of heat supply system by installation of high-efficiency Heat Only Boilers in Bornuur soum Project 30 Jun 2015

Issuance of credits

Reference No. Monitoring Period Date of JC decision on notification Amounts of Credits Issued
Site 1 MN001 20 Sep 2016 - 15 May 2018 06 Nov 2018 118
Site 1 MN001 20 Sep 2015 - 15 May 2016 29 Sep 2016 50
Site 2 MN002 19 Sep 16 - 15 May 18 06 Nov 18 208
Site 2 MN002 15 Sep 15 - 02 May 16 29 Sep 2016 107