Feasibility Study for Eco-Farming Biogas Digestor CDM Project under the PoA in Yunnan Province China

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

Title of Feasibility Study (FS)Feasibility Study for Eco-Farming Biogas Digestor CDM Project under the PoA in Yunnan Province China
FYFY 2009
Main Implementing EntityE&E Solutions Inc.
FS Partner(s)Tepia Corporation Japan Co., Ltd
Location of Project ActivityChina (Yunnan Province)
Summary of FS ReportSummary(PDF 261KB)
Description of Project ActivityIn the proposed CDM project, the biogas digesters for swine manure will be installed for the households of Xuanwei city in Yunnan province, People's Republic of China. The methane, which is supposed to be emitted to the atmosphere in the absence of the proposed project, shall be recovered and utilized for cooking and other purposes by combusting the recovered methane.
The fossil fuel(coal) currently used to meet the household's daily energy needs will be replaced by using methane as an energy source. Consequently, the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission will be reduced drastically.
In addition, air pollution substances including CO and SOx caused by coal combustion in the room for cooking will also be reduced.
Targeted GHGCH4, and CO2
Category of Project ActivityWaste Management
Duration of Project Activity/ Crediting Period
  • PoA: 2011 to 2039
  • CPA: 2010 to 2025
  • Crediting Period 10years for each CPA
Methodology to be applied
  • AMS-III.R "Methane recovery in agricultural activities at household/small farm level (Version 1)"
  • AMS-I.C "Thermal energy production with or without electricity (Version 16)"
Baseline ScenarioApproved small scale methodologies AMS-III.R (Ver.1) and AMS-I.C. were employed to identify the baseline scenario.
Without the project activity methane generate from the pig house of each farm will be dispersed to the atmosphere. Beside, farms continue to use coal, which is the cheapest fuel in the project area, as an energy for cooking,.
With the proposed project, as methane is collected and burned as an energy for cooking., the GHG emission is reduced.
Demonstration of AdditionalityAdditionality is proved by the investment analysis.
Without the benefit of the proposed project (i.e.,CER revenue), payout time of the biogas-digester is 14.2years. This period is too long considering the lifetime of the biogas digesters which is supposed to be 15 years.
With considering the CER revenue, the payout time becomes 11.1years and the profitability of the project is improved.
This result clearly shows the proposed CDM project is additional.
Estimation of GHG Emission Reductions
  • Expected emission reduction per household is evaluated as 3.57tCO2/year/household.
  • Based on that, the total reduction for PoA: was evaluated as around 370 thousand tCO2/year.
Monitoring PlanIn accordance with the monitoring methodology of AMS-III.R and AMS-I.C, Study method (sampling) was employed to the project monitoring.
Major Parameters which will be monitored are as follows;.
    • ・Number of household which install bio-digester

    • ・Farm's annual coal consumption after bio-digester installation

    • ・Annual working hours of the bio-digester

    • ・Average pig number in the farm

    ・Sludge removal and treatment(Confirm to be treated under aerobic condition)
Environmental Impact AnalysisNo negative environmental impact will be caused by the project.
By the promotion of the biogas digesters spread in rural area, this CPA will contribute to the sustainable development of China
Project FeasibilityDuring the Study period, Xuanwei agriculture bureau, which will be a Project implementator, and Yunnan Sun Valley Energy Conservation Industry Development Co., Ltd;, which will be a Coordinating/Managing Entity of the proposed project, subscribed "Agreement on the CDM implementation" of this project. This agreement clearly specifies about the exclusive implementation between two parties. Many farm in Yunnan province also show the interesting in the project. So that the possibility to materialize this project seems high.
Pollutants Emissions ReductionUsing the methane gas collected by the biogas digester as a house cooking energy, in house pollution with SOx emission will be reduced. The reduction of the sulfur oxides is evaluated as 52.5kgSO2/year per one biogas digester unit. Total reduction for CPA (for 2000 households) is evaluated as 105tSO2/year.