Wind Power Electricity Generation in Slovakia

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Reports of CDM/JI Feasibility Studies

Title of the researchWind Power Electricity Generation in Slovakia
FYFY 2006
Main research orgnisationMizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.
Research partner(s)N/A
Location of the projectSlovak Republic (Trnava, Nitra)
Summary of the research report (PDF)Summary(PDF 281KB)
Description of the projectThis whole project does the wind power generation of total 90.75MW in the west of The Slovak Republic. The wind farm of the project is located at two local spots as TRNAVA province and NITRA province in the Slovak Republic.
The wind farm consists of two projects, one has 44MW capacity and generates 90,000 MWh electricity annually, the other has 46.75 MW capacity and generates 88,000 MWh annually.
2.75MW wind turbine will be introduced to the project. This model is capable to generate electricity with every wind direction.
Sector of the projectRenewable Energy (Wind Power)
Duration of the project activity/ crediting period20 years/
Baseline methodology/additionalityModified baseline based on the methodology developed by the Netherlands' government is applied.
Estimation of GHG emissionsApprox. 133,000 t-CO2/year, 534,000 t-CO2/5years
Monitoring methodologyThe same methodology as ACM0002 is applied.
Environmental impactEnvironmental assessment has been performed since the beginning of 2006, and as soon as completed as a report, a next process will be undertaken for final approval by Ministry of the Environment. "Noise", "Impact on scenery", and "Impact on birds" are the three important issues in the environmental assessment which requires the approval regarding wind power plant. In the present circumstances, it is understood that it has gone extremely well the explanation to the public meetings, local governments, etc.
Issues and tasks for project implementationThe impact of NAP2 reserves on the project should be clarified.