Global Environment Centre Foundation(GEC)

Coordinate for Team Water Shiga

Having established “Shiga Water Environment Business Promotion Forum (Team Water Shiga)” in March 2013 to facilitate development of the water environment business by taking advantage of the accumulated results of water environment-related industries and research institutions as well as activities of conserving the water environment of Lake Biwa, Shiga prefectural government, not only provides information about recent trends in the water environment business, efforts being made by pioneering companies, and various support measures, but also operates Team Water Shiga in such a way that it has become a forum for matching and team building to form concrete business projects, joint development, and so on.

Commissioned for “Research & Coordination Work for Water Environment Business Promotion” by the Shiga prefectural government, we carried out projects which are related to (1) Provision of support for hosting/offering seminars and section meetings in Shiga prefecture, (2) Identification study concerning water environment-related challenges in the Asian region, and (3) Implementation of seminars, technical exchange meetings, business matching, and so on.