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Demonstration Programme for Application of New Decarbonizing Technology

1.Background and Objectives
To promote the introduction of new decarbonizing technologies in JCM Partner countries for the continuous development of JCM, a demonstration scale project will be implemented.

2.Eligible Technology
・Advanced decarbonization technologies that have not been used in JCM projects in the country.
・Those that have already been demonstrated in Japan or overseas, those that are expected to be commercialized in the near future, and those that require demonstration of a business model outside of Japan.

3.Scope of Financial Support
・Equipment, construction and labour costs for the demonstration
・Research costs for fundraising or obtaining licenses and permits
・Research costs for the developing a methodology for calculating GHG emission reductions (which can be agreed with partner countries in the near future)

4.Percentage of Financial Support
The amount of financial support is capped based on the bellow.
(a) 1/2: Other than (b) and (c).
(b) 2/3: When the representative participant is classified as a small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan.
(c) 1/3: When the representative participant is not classified as a small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan and the subsidized expenses are 100 million yen or less per year.

5.Deal of JCM credits
In the project, JCM credits shall be applied for emission reductions during its demonstration period. The project also aims to apply for the Financing Programme for JCM Model Projects a few years after completing the demonstration period.

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