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Pilot Project for Comprehensive Support throughout the Whole Hydrogen Supply Chain Abroad

In May 2021 MOEJ publicly called for application for "Pilot project for comprehensive support throughout the whole hydrogen supply chain abroad" for the Fiscal year.

This project will partly subsidize the demonstration project to produce hydrogen using renewable energy in third-party countries (such as Australia), with abundant resources such as solar and wind.

This green hydrogen will then be transported and utilized in JCM partner countries (such as Pacific Island countries).

Through this project, Japan aims to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions by utilizing advanced decarbonization technologies and will contribute to the establishment of an international green hydrogen network in the Indo-Pacific region.


Overview of Projects

GEC, as an executive body of the pilot project, has accepted project proposals for FY2021 by 30 September 2021. After close review and hearing by third party committee, MoEJ has selected the proposals listed below. GEC will further examine the contents of each project and provide a notice to the representative participants for the final decision.


Project Title

Representative Entity

Production of economical green hydrogen in South Australia, transportation of hydrogen by metal hydride to Indonesia and utilization of hydrogen through fuel cell in an industrial town in Indonesia

Marubeni Corporation

Demonstration Project on Green Hydrogen Production in Australia, its Transportation to Palau and Utilization by Fuel Cell and Fuel Cell Boat

Sojitz Corporation



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