Global Environment Centre Foundation(GEC)

Support Project for Expanding Environment and Energy-Saving Business in Asia

Project to support the enhancement of overseas sales channels for local core businesses active in the environment and energy sectors

For over 25 years since its inception in 1992 as an entity in support of UNEP, GEC has been actively involved in the dissemination of environmentally sound technologies. Leveraging the expertise, experience, public-private networks and close partnerships with government agencies in developing countries developed over the years, we have been working since 2013 to support the overseas operations of local core businesses in the environment and energy sectors.

Sponsored by the competitive funds granted by METI Kansai to excellent proposals, the project, led by the Kansai-Asia Environmental and Energy-Saving Business Promotion Forum (Team E-Kansai for short, with a membership of 180 companies and associations as at the end of May 2018), seeks to enhance the networks between local companies with excellent environmental or energy-saving technologies and relevant public and private entities in China and the ASEAN region, disseminate those technologies to developing countries on a business basis, and find solutions to local environmental issues, through the following activities:

  • Designating Liaoning and Guangdong Provinces in China, as well as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia as key activity areas, we aim to develop a more secure business environment by building a framework of cooperation with local governments and industry associations.
  • We will identify the environmental issues and needs of the recipient countries through workshops and training sessions regarding the environment and energy-saving sectors in the key areas.
  • We will support business matching through the dispatch and acceptance of missions, participation in exhibitions and the organisation of seminars and business negotiation opportunities.
  • We will place resident coordinators in the key areas to collect and provide local information and support the business development of individual companies.
  • We will help Japanese companies build the capacity for overseas operation by holding seminars, private consultations and study sessions in Japan.