Global Environment Centre Foundation(GEC)

Low-Carbon Technology Innovation

Financing Program to Demonstrate Decarbonization Technology for Realizing Co-Innovation


Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) is promoting the development of low-carbon technologies (including decarbonization technologies; the same applies hereafter). On behalf of the MOEJ, GEC has been implementing the financing program to demonstrate decarbonization technology for realizing co-innovation since 2019.

Purpose & characteristics of this financing program

  • This financing program aims to contribute to global environmental conservation by promoting renovation and demonstration of advanced low-carbon technologies to adapt to local specific circumstances of developing countries. Such renovation is expected to address environmental regulations, culture and customs, resource restrictions and the climate in each country.
  • Proposed projects are expected to clarify the necessity of, and specific improvements by, the renovation and demonstration before further disseminating the technologies.
  • These projects must contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions from energy consumption. Once the project is completed, the recipient of the financial support is required to calculate and report the emission reductions of the project to the MOEJ.