Host Country: ThailandJCM Model Project

Energy Saving at Convenience Stores with High Efficiency Air-Conditioning and Refrigerated Showcase

PP (Japan): FamilyMart Co., Ltd. / PP(Thailand): Central FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Implementing this project in grocery stores in Thailand aims to reduce energy-related CO2 emission reductions by installation of energy-saving equipment ,air conditioning system and refrigerating showcase.
In Thailand, refrigerants recovery and destruction has not commonly conducted yet, which lead to ventilations of them into the atmosphere. In this project, the appropriate program for refrigerant recovery and destruction will be considered.
So, we will develop the appropriate program for refrigerant recovery and recycling.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

4,970 tCO2/ year

  • CO2 emission reductions for each store
    =Electricity Consumption x EF
    =11.6 tCO2/y
  • Electricity Consumption=100,000kWh x 21%
    (21%: electricity consumption by energy-saving equipment replacement)
    EF:CO2 emission factor=0.55 x 10-3 tCO2/kWh