Host Country: IndonesiaJCM Model Project

Introduction of High-efficiency Once-through Boiler System in Film Factory

PP(Japan): Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. / PP(Indonesia): PT. MC Pet Film Indonesia

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The factory has been using a water tube boiler (oil type) for plastic film production. In this project, a high efficiency one-through boiler (gas type) is introduced for energy saving.
This one-through boiler with PI control better manages the combustion and feed waster supply, which contribute to increased boiler efficiency and stable steam supply. For instance, it can achieve maximum boiler efficiency of 98% (95-97% under practical condition), whereas the efficiency of conventional fire tube boiler and water tube boiler is around 88%. Also, built-in inverters can reduce electricity consumptions.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

363 tCO2/ year

  • Emission reductions is calculated by estimating the boiler efficiency of 88% for conventional boilers and 96% for project boilers
  • Fuel consumed for production of 1t of steam(1t/t) x steam produced(t) x emission factor(tCO2/lt) x electricity used x grid emission factor

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