Host Country: IndonesiaJCM Model Project

Energy Saving for Air-Conditioning at Shopping Mall with High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller

Project Participant (Japan): NTT FACILITIES, INC.,  (Indonesia): PT.PAKUWON JATI Tbk

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The project aims to reduce electricity consumption in the shopping mall through introducing advanced & efficient Japanese centrifugal Chiller system.
The project is to replace existing central cooling system with high efficient centrifugal chiller with capacity of 966USRT *4 sets and 569USRT * 1 set in Pakuwon’s shopping mall, Tunjungan Plaza, as well as to replace existing 8 cooling towers with efficient Japanese models.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

996 tCO2/ year

The GHG emission reductions are calculated based on the estimated electricity consumptions based on the conservatively estimated COP of a reference cooling system and a project COP of the centrifugal chiller as well as the grid emission factor.