50MW Solar PV Power Plant Project

Representative Participant
Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.
Partner Participant: HDFC SinPower Ltd., IFDC Solar Power (BD) Ltd., Hetat Holdings Pte. Ltd., Ditrolic (S)Pte. Ltd.
Host Country
JCM Model Project
Renewable Energy
JCM Project Cycle:Not registered

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

A 50MW PV power plant is constructed in Mymensingh District (100km north of Dhaka). The generated power will be supplied to the Bangladesh Power Development Board under a power purchase agreement.

This project is the second largest PV power plant among approved plans in Bangladesh. The project will also contribute to easing of the power shortage in the country. The CO2 emission reduction per area is maximized by using the latest heterojunction PV modules with high efficiency and superior performance even under high temperature.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

40,527 tCO2/ year

Project emission is assumed to be zero.
Reference emission:
 Annual electricity generation x CO2 emission factor
 = 63,253.624 MWh/year × 0.6407 tCO2/MWh
 = 40,527 tCO2/ year
GHG emission reductions:
  Reference emission – Project emission
 = 40,527 -0 = 40,527 tCO2/year

Site of JCM Project