Host Country: ChileJCM Feasibility Study (JCM FS)

Geothermal Power Generation in the south of Santiago

Implementing Entity: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC Japan

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Currently, more than 75% of energy consumption is dependent on imports in Chile.
As energy demand has been drastically increasing, there is a great need for the enhancement of generation capacity.
The aim of this project is to fill the need and reduce CO2 emissions by utilizing geothermal resources for power generation. In addition, this project can spread geothermal power technology to South American Countries including Chile.

Expected GHG Reductions

104,800 tCO2/year

  • Reference CO2 emissions:109,900 tCO2/year
    electricity generation supplied to the grid (183GWh/yr) x grid CO2 emission factor (0.6009 tCO2/MWh)
  • Project CO2 emissions:5,100 tCO2/year

Study Report