Host country: Vietnam JCM Model Project

Introduction of Amorphous high efficiency transformers in power distribution systems

Project Owner: (Japan) Yuko Keiso Co., Ltd., (Vietnam) EVN Southern Power Corporation

Outline of GHG Emission Reduction Activity

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction by introducing amorphous high efficiency transformers in the transmission and distribution network of southern Vietnam (EVN Southern Power Corporation jurisdiction). It enables to achieve a reduction of transmission and distribution losses and contribute to GHG emission reductions.

Expected GHG Reductions

610 tCO2/year

  • Reference Emission (REy) - Project Emission (PEy)
    = Emission Reduction (ERy)
  • Reference Emission : 1,005 tCO2e/year
  • Project Emission : 395 tCO2/year
  • Emission Reduction : 610 tCO2/year