Host country: Republic of Palau JCM Model Project

Solar PV System for Schools Project

Project implementer: (Japan) Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd., InterAct Inc. (Palau) Palau Adventist Schools

Overview of GHG emissions reductions project

A grid-connected solar PV system will be installed at two sites. Palau Seventh-Day Adventist Elementary School (Site A) and Palau Mission Academy (Site B) shall have a 50 kW and 100 kW system respectively. The generated power will mainly be self-consumed. On school holidays, the power will be fed into the grid using the net-metering scheme. A remote monitoring system to monitor the performance of the system will also be installed.

Estimated GHG emissions reductions

108 tCO2/year

  • CO2 emission reduction
    = PV generation (a) × Reference emission factor (b)*
    = 197 MWh/year × 0.533 tCO2/MWh

    * The default value of approved methodology “Displacement of Grid and Captive Genset Electricity by a Small-scale Solar PV System, Ver 01.0(PW_AM001)” is applied.