Host country: Indonesia JCM Model Project

Reducing GHG emission at textile factories by upgrading to air-saving loom

PP from Japan:Toray Industries, Inc. PP from host Country: P.T. Indonesia Synthetic Textile Milles (ISTEM)/ P.T. Easterntex
P.T. Century Textile Industry Tbk (CENTEX)/P.T. Toray Industries Indonesia (TIN)

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Exporting textiles products from Indonesia is the highest amount in South-eastern Asia. In the project, at 3 sites of textile factory in Indonesia we will upgrade existing weaving looms to total 81 units of the latest air-saving loom(*).
* "Toyota JAT810"
This "JAT810" has original air-saving technology to reduce air consumption for weft insertion more 20% than the conventional model. The effect is not only reducing CO2 emission by saving the power consumption of air-compressors but also reducing the running cost.

Estimated GHG emissions reductions

567 tCO2/year

  • GHG emission reductions
    = reference emissions – project emissions