Host country: Bangladesh JCM Model Project

Energy saving for air conditioning & facility cooling by high-efficiency centrifugal chiller (Suburbs of Dhaka)

Project Implementer: (Japan) Ebara Refrigeration Equipment & Systems Co., Ltd, Ebara Thermal Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Overview of the Project

Appropriate process cooling is required for producing high quality food /sugar products. This process cooling consumes large amount of electricity for the operation of chiller. In order to reduce GHG emissions, a high-efficiency chiller is one of the best options. This project introduces high-efficiency centrifugal chillers with ECONOMIZER, refrigerant SUB-COOLER and high efficiency compressor. Also, by applying a purge unit with Activated Carbon, nearly 100% of HFC-245fa refrigerant with zero ODP is recovered for preventing GHG emission.

Estimated GHG emissions reductions

255 tCO2/year

  • This project introduces two high-efficiency centrifugal chillers. Approximately 28.4 kW is reduced comparing with reference chiller. Factory is assumed to operate 7,008 hr/y (at 80% of full load).
  • Saving Energy: 398.1 MWh/y
    = 28.4 kW x 2 x 7,008 hr/y
    Grid emission factor (2014): 0.6407 tCO2/MWh