Host Country: Viet NamJCM Project Planning Study (PS)

Integrated Energy Efficiency Improvement at Beer Factory

PS Entity: Renova, Inc.

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

The project will introduce an integrated energy saving solution to HABECO Me Linh Brewery located in Hanoi, based on the energy consumption diagnosis using the proprietary energy analysis simulator.
The Me Linh Brewery was diagnosed initially in 2012, and a preliminary proposal was presented to the management team of HABECO, which attracted a strong interest and willingness to invest.
Key Technologies
Energy analysis simulator, Integrated energy saving solution, Plant performance maintenance

Draft JCM Methodology

GHG emission reductions are evaluated based on a specific energy consumption method. The simplest option provides a default value, only requiring energy consumption and production data, under project scenario.

Calculation for GHG emission reduction amount

ER,y = (AEMRR,y - AEMPJ,y) x POy
ERy GHG emission reduction amount (tCO2/year)
AEMRR,y Specific GHG emissions of Reference Scenario (tCO2/L) → Default value can be used
AEMPJ,y Specific GHG emissions of Project Scenario (tCO2/L)
POy Annual beer production volume (L/yr)

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

5,500 tCO2/yr (Me Linh Brewery)