Host Country: MongoliaJCM Project Planning Study (PS)

10MW-scale Solar Power Plant and Rooftop Solar Power Generation System

PS Entity: Shimizu Corporation

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

Project #1:
To install 10MW-class solar power plant in Durgun connected to the grid, and to sell generated power to the grid.
Project #2:
To install solar power generation systems on the roofs of many buildings in cities in Mongolia such as Ulaanbaatar, to utilize generated power in the buildings, and to sell the generated power to the grid if possible.

Draft JCM Methodology

For the projects, only monitoring items are power generations by the solar power plant/systems, and grid emission factor (EF). The grid EF is publicised by the host country government, and can be applicable to the calculation of reference emissions.
The project emissions is considered as 0tCO2.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

  • Project #1: 16,500tCO2/yr
    ← 10MW X 1,500hours/yr X 1.1tCO2/MWh
  • Project #2: 4tCO2/yr/project (as an example)
    ← 3kW X 1,200hours/yr X 1.1tCO2/MWh