Host Country: Myanmar and IndonesiaJCM Feasibility Study (FS)

Solar-Diesel Hybrid System to Stabilize Solar Power Generation

FS Entity: Mizuho Bank

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

A PV/Diesel Engine Hybrid System of 4MW capacity will be installed to replace a micro-grid-connected power (Myanmar) or island-grid-connected power (Indonesia), both of which are generated by fossil fuels (diesel). By combining a diesel engine with solar power, utilizing IT technology (software), the power output can be levelised and stabilised with minimum usage of batteries.

Draft JCM Methodology

Reference emissions [tCO2/yr]
= Project power generations (A) [MWh]
x Grid CO2 emission factor (B) [t-CO2/MWh]
Project emissions [tCO2/yr]
= Consumption of fossil fuel in the hybrid system (C) [unit/yr]
x Calorific value (D) [GJ/unit] x CO2 emission factor (E) [tCO2/GJ]

(A)(C): Monitoring in the project
(B): Default values set by taking in various factors in a conservative manner
(D)(E): Default values

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

Myanmar: 6,100tCO2/yr
Indonesia: 7,200tCO2/yr