Host Country: Thailand, etcJCM Methodology Demonstration Study (DS)

Dissemination of High-Efficiency Inverter Air Conditioners

DS Entity: Shimizu Corporation

Outline of GHG Mitigation Activity

This program intends to disseminate high-efficiency air conditioners equipped with inverters to consumers to replace existing non-inverter air conditioners which will contribute to the energy conservation in many sectors.

Draft JCM Methodology

Based on the degree-day theory, reference emissions and project emissions will be quantified from the simulation results whose input data are the following:
  • The number of inverter air conditioners sold,
  • The specs of both the inverter and the non-inverter air conditioners,
  • The actual status of the usage of air conditioner grasped through ex-ante questionnaire,
  • The meteorological data such as ambient atmosphere temperature.
This theory will be backed by actual measurements during this demonstration study.

Expected GHG Emission Reductions

  • 133,000tCO2/yr in the first year
  • 266,000tCO2/yr in the second year
→ Emission reductions of 133,000tCO2/yr will subsequently increase year by year.