Energy Saving for Air-Conditioning at Shopping Mall with High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller
Energy Saving for Industrial Park with Smart LED Street Lighting System
Introduction of High Efficiency Once-through Boiler System in Film Factory
Installation of Gas Co-generation System for Automobile Manufacturing Plant
Energy saving in industrial wastewater treatment for rubber industry
Hybrid Power Generation Project Using Biogas and Solar Power
Development of District Energy Supply Business by introducing co-generation
Introduction of co-generation and solar power generation systems in large shopping malls
REDD+ project in Boalemo District
Introduction of high efficient Old Corrugated Cartons Process at Paper Factory
Reducing GHG emission at textile factories by upgrading to air-saving loom
Power Generation by Waste-heat Recovery in Cement Industry
Energy Saving through Introduction of Regenerative Burners to the Aluminum Holding Furnace of the Automotive Components Manufacturer
Energy Saving for Textile Factory Facility Cooling by High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller
Solar Power Hybrid System Installation to Existing Base Transceiver Stations in Off-grid Area
Installation of Combined Heat and Power System in Hotel
Introduction of High Efficient Old Corrugated Cartons Process at Paper Factory
Waste Heat Recovery and Electricity Generation in Flat Glass Production Plant
3.7MW Run-of-river Hydro Power Generation in Sulawesi
Improvement of REDD+ Implementation Using IC Technology
Energy Saving for Air-conditioning and Process Cooling at Textile Factory
Energy Savings at Convenience Stores
Energy Efficient Refrigerants to Cold Chain Industry
Energy Saving by Installation of Double Bundle-type Heat Pump
Regenerative burners for aluminium melting furnaces
Power generation by waste heat recovery in cement industry
Energy saving by high-efficiency centrifugal chiller
Solar power system at off-grid cell towers
Anaerobic treatment for wastewater from rubber plants
Improvement of REDD+ implementation using IC technology
Solar-diesel hybrid system to stabilise solar power generation

Introduction of Biomass CHP Plant in Flooring Factory
20MW-scale Geothermal Power Generation

Introduction of High Efficiency LED Lighting Utilizing Wireless Network
Installation of high-efficiency chillers in large-scale hotels
Energy Saving by Efficiency Improvement of Water Treatment Plants of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority
REDD+ in Prey Long Area and Seima Area

Solar Diesel Abatement Project
Energy Saving by Micro Flush Toilet
Expansion of geothermal project

Low-carbon project by introducing PV and energy saving equipment in Hotel, Office Building and others
Promotion of Electric Vehicle for Taxi Usage

10MW-scale Biomass based Power Generation
Replacing grid electricity with sustainable biomass based power generation

Energy Saving at Convenience Stores with High Efficiency Air-Conditioning and Refrigerated Showcase
Introduction of Solar PV System on Factory Rooftop
Reducing GHG Emission at Textile Factory by Upgrading to Air-saving Loom (Samutprakarn)
Energy Saving for Semiconductor Factory with High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller and Compressor
Installation of Co-Generation Plant for On-Site Energy Supply in Motorcycle Factory
Energy saving by introducing regenerative energy storage system in Skytrain
Saving Energy for station facilities utilizing regenerative energy from trains
Energy saving by co-generation project in the fiber factory
Heat recovery to generate both cooling and heating energy
Dissemination of high-efficiency inverter air conditioners

Solar PV System for Schools Project
Small-Scale Solar Power Plants for Commercial Facilities Project II
Solar Power Generation System
Small-Scale Solar Power Plant for Commrcial Facilities in Island States

Installation of High Efficiency Loom at Weaving Factory
Introduction of PV-diesel Hybrid System at Fastening Manufacturing Plant
Energy saving by utilizing lithium-ion batteries at base transceiver stations in unstable-grid areas
Energy saving for air conditioning & facility cooling by high-efficiency centrifugal chiller
Saving Energy through the installation of High efficiency Air Jet Loom in weaving field
Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization in Textile and Garment Factories
Solar power generation with long-life storage battery in non-electrified regions
High-efficiency rice husk-based cogeneration

Introduction of High Efficiency Air-conditioning in Hotel
Energy Saving in Lens Factory with Energy Efficient Air-Conditioners
Energy Saving in Acid Lead Battery Factory with Container Formation Facility
Recovery and utilization of biogas from agricultural processing waste in Ninh Binh Province
Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation at Cement Factory in Quang Ninh Province
Introduction of Amorphous high efficiency transformers in power distribution systems
Eco-driving by Utilizing Digital Tachograph System
Saving Energy by introducing optimum pumps in water purification plant
Introduction of Energy-from-Waste Project in Ho Chi Minh City
Energy Saving for Irrigation Facility by Introducing High-efficiency Pumps
40MW-scale Hydro Power Generation in Lao Cai Province
Introduction of Co-generation System Using Bagasse in Sugar Factory
Recovery and Utilization of Biogas from Mixed-treatment of Waste and Septage
Integrated energy efficiency improvement at beer factory
Anaerobic digestion of organic waste for cogeneration at market
Energy saving glass windows for buildings
Promotion of public transport use by park-&-ride system
REDD+ with livelihood development and biomass-based power generation
Energy efficiency improvement of glass furnace

Introduction of Waste to Energy Plant in Yangon City
Rice husk power generation in rice mill factory in Ayeyarwady
Environment Improvement through Utilization of Biogas from POME Fermentation System
Introduction of Waste to Energy Plant in Yangon City
Geothermal binary power generation
Solar-diesel hybrid system to stabilise solar power generation

School Building Rooftop Solar Power Plant Project
Installation of Solar PV and Storage Battery with Energy Management System (EMS)

Distributed heat supply system using biomass and coal mixture combustion type boiler
10MW-scale Solar Power Generation for Stable Power Supply
Efficiency Improvement of Combined Heat and Power Plant by Thermal Insulation
Upgrading and Installation of Centralized Control System of High-efficiency Heat Only Boiler (HOW)
10MW-scale solar power plant and rooftop solar power generation system
Improvement of thermal insulation and water cleaning/air purge at power plant
Energy conservation at cement plant
10MW-scale solar power generation for stable power supply
Centralization of heat supply system by installation of high efficiency heat only boiler (HOB)

Utilization of agricultural biomass in Cement Kiln
Biogas recovery and utilization in tapioca starch factory
REDD+ project in Luang Prabang Province through controlling slush-and-burn
Biomass Utilization in Cement Kiln
REDD+ in Luang Prabang Province
Promotion of use of electric vehicles (EVs)

PV power generation system for the office building

Geothermal Power Generation in the south of Santiago

Talubin Mini-Hydropower Project