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  • Improvement on route bus services
    [Nikken Sekkei Research Institute] (Year 2013-2014)


    (Background, current status, and necessity) This is a project designed to reduce GHG and promote a transition from using automobiles and motorcycles to public transportation based on the current status regarding the lack of parking and the chronic traffic congestion in the city center.

    Project outline

    (How will a business implementation system, business details, and sites lead to a reduction in GHG? Details of the investigations for this year, etc.) In cooperation with large suburban shopping centers, parking lots with empty spaces during weekdays can be used as a base to transfer people to buses and commute to the city.This year will focus on selecting model commercial facilities, forecasting demand, and investigating profitability to carry out the business objectives for 2014.

    CO2 reduction

    Turning 1,500 motorcyclists to bus users will yield 315t-CO2/year reduction (based on 50 facilities available in future)

    Co-benefit effect

    Enhances effective use of commercial facilities, helping to grow profits, to promote nation-wide participation by general retailing companies

    発表資料 路線バスの輸送サービス向上 [PDFファイル:898KB]
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